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Mental Health Ceritificate

  /  Mental Health Ceritificate
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VNA Academy is registered as a Private Career College under the Private Career Colleges Act, 2005.

One in five Canadians experiences a mental health problem in a given year.

VNA Academy offers a Mental Health Certificate program that is an educational experience where you learn the fundamentals and gain a better knowledge of the human experience of mental illness.

This certificate program is designed to provide you with knowledge of the healing process, and awareness of your mood, and to give you the confidence to practice these skills on your own.

You will gain a better understanding of anxiety and depression, and the areas of well-being that can have a direct impact on your mental health. You will learn how to cope in a crisis, proper self-care, boost self-esteem, give yourself self-compassion, set goals, manage setbacks, and learn about emotions and negative self-talk.

You will be looking at the prevalence of mental health problems in Canada, the risk and protective factors that influence mental health, and the links between mental health and the social determinants of health.

Learning Objectives:

  • Causes and experiences of anxiety and depression
  • The connection between stress and anxiety/depression
  • New approaches to managing anxiety and depression
  • How the mind and body respond to mental distress


6 hours.


Mental Health Nurse


Attend and participate in all courses, Successfully demonstrate technique, skill and knowledge.


Certificate in Mental Health

Student Materials:

Mental Health Fundamentals Text

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